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Prestige Limo and Taxi Case Study


Tarique Ali, better known as Tye Ali, contacted us and said he wants to compete with his competitors over the search engines. He informed us that some other companies from his area have acquired higher ranking on Google due to which his business is not going on as he wanted it to go. Also, he added that his competitors used unfair tactics many times to ut down his website. We now knew this time we were up against something that was ready to retaliate.


The project of prestigeliohalifax.ca was something that required aggresive work with added security. So, here are the challenges:-

  1. Make his website SEO friendly
  2. Fix the current issues of his website
  3. Keep his website safe from attacks
  4. Help him attain higher ranking on search engines


We used WordPress for Tye and helped secure his business on Google Mybusiness. Once his conmpetitor hacked his MyBusiness account and made it apear as permanently closed. So, this is something we had to fix for him.

Type of Service

Google Mybusiness, maintenance, and SEO


October 2018 – ongoing

We are currently builing an android app for him to keep track of all the rides.


In this case the solution itself is the result. As  we helped him get a higher ranking on Google. Earlier for some keywords his ranking was 35+ and now for the same keywords he is sitting confortably in top 5. Impressed by our work he has also ussigned us the responsibility to create an app to allow him tracking of his vehicles while on the ride.


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