Developing, deploying & monitoring to scaling

Open Source Development


  • RUBY ON RAILS Development It’s open source, has a robust framework & enables rapid development.
  • PHP/CAKEPHP Development We build beautiful & workable CakePHP solutions to suit your needs.
  • WORDPRESS Development From blogs to theme designing & plugin development, we do it all.
  • MAGENTO Development eCommerce sites with payments, admin dashboards, CMS options & so much more
  • ANGULARJS Development We develop Feature-rich & Scalable Web & Mobile Apps using native Angular JS offering competitive edge over others.
  • ERP Development We provide affordable ERP application development service for all business needs.


Ruby on Rails Development Services

With Agile Methodology, Planning, Execution & Service – Redefined
Ruby on Rails development is a dynamic, reflective way of developing database-packed web applications as per the model view-controller pattern. It’s an object-oriented programming language that combines syntax inspired by Perl with Smalltalk-like features.

Ajatus has more than 4 years of experience as a Ruby on Rails development company, developing and deploying web applications that give our customers’ ideas a new life. With an expert group of RoR developers, there’s simply no limit to what we can achieve, together!

Benefits of Ruby on Rails


Cost effective, with a Strong Community. Can be Used in all Open Source Stacks


Works faster, with more than 50,000 gems available for re-usage


Ensures Data Safety follows MVC Design pattern & comes with Integrated Testing tools.


Follows convention like REST & MVC making your codebase regularised


How Can We Help

  • QA/Testing Services
  • Porting & Migration
  • Rails CMS Development services
  • Rails Support & Maintenance
  • E-Commerce Web App Development
  • Scalability, Usability & Security issues
  • Architecture Re-design & Rescue
  • Minimum Viable Products (MVP)
  • Custom Web App Development

PHP Development Services

Scalable, Robust & Interactive PHP Solutions

CakePHP Development

CakePHP development is a Powerful Scaffolding System that makes Developing both Small and Complex Systems simpler, easier and of course tastier. Three key points which make it popular are: Faster Prototype, Faster Validation, Consistent Growth.

Why Choose Ajatus Software for CakePHP Development?

CakePHP is one of the popular development frameworks for regular websites as well as tools, web and mobile apps or a combination of all of the above.

  • From developing, deploying & monitoring to scaling, we provide complete
    CakePHP development package through end to end solutions.
  • Just share your idea, we will convert into an application.
  • Though, we do start the development from scratch, will be happy to rescue your project abandoned by someone else.
  • We enforce best practices and follow the agile methodology, thereby constantly improving quality.
  • We have expertise in developing SaaS applications on the CakePHP platform using the latest Cloud technologies.
  • We offer complete Support & Maintenance packages.
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Check out what our clients say about us.
  • Track day-to-day progress of your project using our very own Project Management Tool (OrangeScrum)
  • We are flexible to work in the customer’s time zone.
  • Our flexible engagement models have been designed with the need of the client in mind.


Why Choose CakePHP?


With this pattern it’s very easy to separate the logic from the presentation; Very useful for large applications and sites.


Everything is auto – detect and the only thing you need to worry about is the Database connection settings.


CakePHP is extremely organized and is also called the advanced version of components and objects cluster.


CakePHP is also known for its potential of providing the developers with ample dependability when it comes to coding support.


The Ajax helper class in the core lib can be used in various ways – form submits through Ajax, Event observer or build in Autocomplete.


CakePHP has built-in Authorization and Security. Note that ACL is not the same as authentication.


WordPress Development Services

Multi-featured, High Performance and Customized WordPress Web Applications

What we do?

Ajatus Software is known for its excellent contribution towards web and mobile application development. We have expert wordpress developers for the below wordpress development services.

Our WordPress offerings


Each Theme may be Different, Offering many choices for Site Owners to instantly change the UI.


Get your Website Repaired; Your Core, Plugins & Themes verified & updated.


Plugins allow easy Modification, Customization & Enhancement of a WordPress Blog.


So, you can deliver the Right Message to the Right People at the Right Time.


Change your Password your way, while accessing the App for the First Time.


Upload Images without Page-refresh.


What you get


  • Mobile Responsive design
  • Plug-in Development
  • Plugin and Theme upgradation
  • API and third-party Integration
  • Social Integration to Blogs
  • Content migrations from other source to WordPress
  • Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Security
  • Search engine friendly website development
  • Cost-effective and agile web solutions
  • Work in customer’s time zone
  • Flexible engagement models as per client’s requirements


Magento Development Services

Magento eCommerce Development & Customization with High-End Features


Why Magento

Magento offers almost everything an E-commerce Site needs to display Products, Online Transactions, Customer Service and run all the back-end processes efficiently. It has effective User Dashboards, Inventory Management System, Cart Functionalities, Secured Payments, Advanced Shipping & Supplier Management, Built-in Cross Sell & Up Sell capabilities, CMS Options, Newsletters and so much more.

Our services

Achieve Online Success with Certified Magento Experts


Magento Theme Development,Template Design Integration


Customized Magento Development,including Online Store


Magento Shopping Cart & Payment Gateway Integration


Magento Theme Development,Template Design Integration


Magento Admin & Front-end Extension


Agile Development Process,Dedicated Developers


AngularJSDevelopment Services

We develop Feature-rich & Scalable Web & Mobile Apps using native Angular JS offering competitive edge over others.

Top Emerging Open Source Technology

AngularJS is the most popular JavaScript component and UI framework with extraordinary features by Google for web and mobile app development. This is a highly scalable open source framework widely used to develop user-friendly single page web and mobile applications. With its unique features, it creates data-driven applications and helps developers to build a compelling website without using any other plug-in.Its demand on the rise for developing a browser-based application with a component-based framework for user-friendly front-end designs.

We at  Ajatus Software provide interactive applications with full stack JavaScript technologies. With AngularJS we develop dynamic web and mobile applications helping the customer to monetize. With expertize and experience in AngularJS,  Ajatus Software stands as one of the best AngularJS development companies in the USA.

Key Features of AngularJS Application Development

Responsive User Experience

Through AngularJS developer can build smooth and continuously navigating websites or apps, which are much faster in loading and responsive for users

Form Validation

AngularJS has lots of interesting functionalities for dynamic form validation. It highlights the field errors at the time of typing and disables the submit button until all data, condition, and checkbox are filled.


SEO friendly

AngularJS is just like other JavaScript platforms but it provides dynamic functionality to extend HTML and enhances user engagement and interaction to maximize the conversion rate. It is more SEO friendly and provides a significant impact on SEO organic ranking

Multiple Platforms support

AngularJS applications support to all platforms whether it desktop, web or mobile. It simplifies the development process for the extended use of HTML attributes and accumulates data into HTML in all platforms.

Reusable and Responsible HTML Components

With the help of custom directives, AngularJS can create reusable JavaScript components. AngularJS developer can reuse these reusable components in other projects.

Directives and Filters

AngularJS comes with a collection of built-in directives and filters which are very easy to define in the application by the developer.

Friendly JavaScript framework

Dynamic single page application can be developed with this structural JavaScript framework which supports multiple platforms. All the functions and commands are purely written in HTML which is very much friendly for developers.

Code Splitting

AngularJS apps load quickly and deliver automatic code-splitting when any user requests to view app and it helps to render that view by loading only the required code.


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